Al Ostermiller

On Christmas Eve 2016 I suffered a heart attack that redirected our Christmas, New Years 2017, and the life of me and my family.  I did not see this coming as 30 days prior I got a good bill of health and a strong EKG test.  While me and my immediately family were physically and spiritually rocked by this event our Pastors and our church family was not.  The Lord’s Team Ministries/Word of Truth Church stepped up in so many ways in supporting me and my family every step of the way.
Apostle Rocky traveled to Oahu and was there for my pre-quadruple bypass surgery to help pray me through.  Pastor Bobbie lead the Church family in providing us dinners for weeks on end and reached out almost daily with encouragement and hope.  The faith, seed, and support of our church family helped to build us up for a difficult physical battle.  By the power of a Great BiG GOD and an awesome church family I recovered in less than 30 days and feel better than ever.  Thank YOU JESUS for another shot at life, I LoVe   My Church.  Hooah JESUS, Pastor Al Ostermiller