Koren Sim

Praise the Lord! My name is Koren Takeyama Sim and I have attended the Lords team ministries word of truth church for about 12 years now.  Like many people, I grew up going to church but it wasn’t until attending the Lords Team Ministries Word of Truth Church where I really had an understanding of who God was and experienced his presence and who he was firsthand. Throughout the years I have been so blessed to see God’s power move, and his miracle power manifest in the lives of so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

As we know, we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony so I would like to briefly share one of my favorite testimonies. Here’s my story:

My husband, Ron, and I had fought the war over our seed for 6 years. I’d gone through numerous blood tests, a miscarriage, and two surgeries. In the beginning, we were told by doctors that the only way I would be able to conceive and have children would be through invitro. Like most people dealing with delayed fertility, the news devastated us at first however, because of the teachings, prayers, and encouragement from our pastors, church family,  and family, we had hope that we wouldn’t need to go that route and that God would perform a miracle like only he could do in his time. I would be lying if I said during this season of waiting and loss was easy because it wasn’t. Thankfully, we were constantly reminded of God’s Word and what he said in his word. God promised I would be fruitful and multiply. Like all the barren women in the Bible who had children, I would have children too. I
 was no different. I needed to believe and stand firm on his word.
I thank God for doctors and those in the medical profession, but they aren’t God. In December of last year, our infertility doctor had shared with us that we could be part of a “study” and that we would have a free cycle of invitro and freezing of eggs. He highly suggested we take the offer being that I still didn’t conceive, and cost wouldn’t be an issue. It was 3 years since my miscarriage and I still wasn’t pregnant. Immediately my flesh was like “yes let’s do this” however, I told the Dr. I needed to discuss it with my husband, and we would let him know. For a moment I thought God was opening a door and maybe this was his way of doing things, but I wasn’t sure. We had to pray about it and so we did. After a couple days we came together and shared our thoughts.  We both agreed that we wouldn’t do the study and would continue to believe and wait. Whatever God wanted for us he would do.
 He would open the doors that needed to be opened and close the doors that needed to be closed.  If I didn’t get pregnant by the end of June, we believed that was Gods way of leaving the door open and would go along with the invitro. If it wasn’t his will for us to go that route our miracle would manifest before then.
As the months went on and still no positive pregnancy test, I was getting anxious and frustrated. But somehow in only Gods way of doing things, after those times of frustration and anxiousness, God would always remind me of who he was. He would bring back into remembrance what he did for all those barren women in the bible. He would remind me of the testimonies of the miracles that were manifested in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We kept on pressing in, claiming our seed, believing God’s word to manifest in our lives. 
It was now the end of the school year and summer was approaching. One more month before summer ended. The nurse had a calendar of events and a schedule planned, just waiting for my approval to start the invitro process. God had other plans. June and July came, and I didn’t get my period. Tears of joy rolled down my face as I fell to my knees looking at the positive pregnancy test. God did it. I was pregnant.
When doctors said we couldn’t, God said he would! I can’t stop looking at pictures of my 7-month baby bump, thinking of all that we went through and what God has done. It’s hard to imagine a shattered heart stitched back together again but God did it. Somehow in his miracle way that he has about him he did it. Our season of waiting had come to an end. He did as he promised. My doctor was speechless when I told him the news and he even said it was a Miracle. All glory and honor to God.
I can’t thank the Lord enough for what he has done in our lives. He has made beauty from ashes and has made everything beautiful in his time. I also can’t thank my pastors Apostle Rocky and Pastor Bobbie enough for being such amazing pastors. Through their teaching and counsel, we were able to stand on God’s word and continue to believe over the years. They also always go above and beyond for us by standing in the Gap and praying for us and for that we are truly thankful. We’re also thankful for our church family who has always been so supportive and encouraging. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for God and our church family we wouldn’t be where we are today. We can’t thank the Lord enough for where He has placed us. The Lords team ministries Word of Truth Church has been such a blessing to us. We are so thankful to God, our church, and our church family. God is good All the time!

May whoever is reading this never lose hope and know God is faithful. May you one day come by to our church and witness for yourself Gods presence like I did when I first walked through the doors. He is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, & the light in all darkness and loves you very much. God bless.

” Lord, I prayed do as you promised so that he someday words may be a reality, and that you may gain lasting fame, and that your name maybe magnified.”